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Shock! Horror! Unlike Damien Hirst, Bessie doesn't exude noxious gases.

By themaclean, Apr 22 2016 12:14PM

I found Bessie in a junk shop. No, not a farm, or abbatoir. She was being used as a doorstop - a fate that may well await many of little Damien Stephen (don't call me Steve) Hirst's works.

What an ignominious way to treat a moomoo of her pedigree. She's made of (all things) pig iron. And was very hastily, but enthusiastically, painted in every conceivable colour known to man. (and woman) by an unknown artist (just like many of the people who actually produce Steve's work for him).

So there she is, in the tank, with dear, smelly, little Damien...

Poor thing.

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